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Автор alexpalshin, октября 11, 2012, 05:24:05

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Ну вот же, - мотор-колесо!
Пусть массовость спорта растёт год от года, - наш главный рекорд - здоровье народа!


ZF Electric Portal Axle AVE 130 Celebrates its Premiere in Russia

Moscow's public transport authority Mosgortrans places order to develop and industrialize the AVE 130
For the first time, a trolleybus is equipped with ZF's electrically driven low-floor axle
Successful start for the ZF product innovation on the world's largest trolleybus market
Mosgortrans is the first public transport authority to use the innovative electric portal axle AVE 130 from ZF in trolleybuses: The Moscow company will be using the axle in future in a low-floor city bus manufactured by Trolza. The vehicle was presented for the first time on October 2, 2012 at the ExpoCityTrans exhibition in Moscow.

"We are pleased to have won our long-standing customer Mosgortrans as the first public transport authority in Russia to buy the new AVE 130. As a result, the electrically driven ZF axle will be showing off its advantages in the world's largest trolleybus network with 89 routes," says Andreas Moser, Head of ZF's CV Axle Systems business unit. The AVE 130 is installed in a 12-meter city bus manufactured by Trolza, which in this configuration was generating excited interest at the Moscow ExpoCityTrans exhibition.

In conjunction with trolleybuses, the AVE 130 has great potential, not only in Russia but also in the other CIS states. For electric city buses, which draw their power from an overhead line via pantographs, are most widely used here. And the demand to modernize the partly outdated fleets with new technology is increasing steadily for the urban public transport authorities in these countries.

The AVE 130 from ZF is ideal here. The wheels are driven individually via water-cooled asynchronous motors, which provide power of two-times 120 kilowatts – and which have a subsequent, two-stage ratio. This patented ZF concept saves at least 200 kilograms of weight compared to a solution with a central motor. In addition, the AVE 130 scores with maximum space economy: The passenger area offers a completely level aisle and the space for seating and standing can be expanded; in parallel to this, the low-floor technology allows a stepless, comfortable boarding and deboarding for the passengers. Not least, the AVE 130 is installation-compatible with ZF's conventionally powered AV 132 portal axle.

Another product advantage: The new ZF electric portal axle is not only ideal for trolleybus application: The AVE 130 can also be combined smoothly with alternative energy concepts – such as diesel hybrid, batteries, SuperCaps or fuel cells.

Пусть массовость спорта растёт год от года, - наш главный рекорд - здоровье народа!


Увы, как видим - пока без жидкостного охлаждения мотор-колеса не удаются. А это сложности в эксплуатации, снижение надежности, рост неподрессоренных масс, снижение кпд. В общем пока кажется скорее экзотикой, чем массовым продуктом.
Удивительно конечно, что всё-таки сумели это впихнуть в габарит колеса и довести до приемлемых показателей :)
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